Delphi XE2 - some informations

by Radek Červinka 10. September 2011 21:25

Some informations about Delphi XE2.

Delphi XE2 brings 64bit compilation. Switch of platform is simple done in Project Manager.

Project Manager

IDE of Delphi XE2 is still 32bit and this means, that you can compile 64bit Delphi app in 32bit Windows, but for running you need 64bit. But you can debug this app remotely for 64bit PC, because every 64bit debugging (including local debugging) is done as "remote" (when debug local 64bit process, there is 64bit helper process and IDE communicate with this).

BTW: this means that every design package must be 32bit (including 64bit components) - because of 32bit IDE.


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Font.Quality in Delphi XE

by Radek Červinka 21. April 2011 21:44

Very interesting property in Delphi XE - Font.Quality. More...

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Delphi news

Thread safe variables for date and time formatting

by Radek Červinka 26. November 2010 22:15

In Delphi XE are changes in RTL about formatting time and date. In old versions of Delphi RTL there are globals variables.

New approach is backward compatible, but can be used as thread safe for new programs.

When converting from old code we get warning about deprecated code, but our code can be compiled and with small change deprecated warning can be removed.More...

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TBinaryReader and TBinaryWriter

by Radek Červinka 16. October 2010 00:44

There are some new handy classes in every new Delphi version. In Delphi XE e.g. implementation of TBinaryReader and TBinaryWriter.

It is clear that something similar can be programmed in an afternoon, but I am pleased with the original implementation.More...

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