Dual FileView extension 0.7.2

by Radek Červinka 20. July 2011 00:18

New version of my Delphi add-in is done. Now user can select another file than selected in editor and can be done from disc or from files in project. This for example help when look on headers when converting, or refactoring old code.

See this version in action on video. For more information visit runbits.com.


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Remote debugging in Delphi

by Radek Červinka 1. February 2011 23:24

Sometimes is good to debug directly on the client computer, because the development computer does not have the problem. Of course, in such cases is not appropriate (and often not even possible) to install Delphi on the client computer and for this cases Delphi offer the possibility of remote debugging. How to do?More...

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Logging with CodeSite 4

by Radek Červinka 28. December 2010 01:37

Delphi XE including Express version of CodeSite tool.

CodeSite is good tool for logging working on the basis of client - server. During compilation is included client communication code. Communication is performed by sending messages WmCopyData (standard) or with TPC/IP (only full version, but to remote computers too). More...

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