Font.Quality in Delphi XE

by Radek Červinka 21. April 2011 21:44

Very interesting property in Delphi XE - Font.Quality. More...

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Delphi news

Some tips for Delphi debugger - part 2

by Radek Červinka 29. January 2011 00:28

In last part of debugger's tips I showed some nice Delphi debugger tricks, so let's continue.More...

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Logging with CodeSite 4

by Radek Červinka 28. December 2010 01:37

Delphi XE including Express version of CodeSite tool.

CodeSite is good tool for logging working on the basis of client - server. During compilation is included client communication code. Communication is performed by sending messages WmCopyData (standard) or with TPC/IP (only full version, but to remote computers too). More...

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Thread safe variables for date and time formatting

by Radek Červinka 26. November 2010 22:15

In Delphi XE are changes in RTL about formatting time and date. In old versions of Delphi RTL there are globals variables.

New approach is backward compatible, but can be used as thread safe for new programs.

When converting from old code we get warning about deprecated code, but our code can be compiled and with small change deprecated warning can be removed.More...

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TBinaryReader and TBinaryWriter

by Radek Červinka 16. October 2010 00:44

There are some new handy classes in every new Delphi version. In Delphi XE e.g. implementation of TBinaryReader and TBinaryWriter.

It is clear that something similar can be programmed in an afternoon, but I am pleased with the original implementation.More...

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Delphi news

TTimeZone in Delphi XE

by Radek Červinka 11. October 2010 01:13

Delphi XE include in RTL support for working with local time zone (TTimeZone). Implementation is multi platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and is simple for use. More...

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