Fix for TRibbon and VCL styles

by Radek Červinka 1. December 2011 00:06

If you use VCL styles from Delphi XE2 and TRibbon control (or maybe Glass window on Vista +) you can see some drawing problems. But there is a way to modify how can VCL draw element and you can use this.


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How to

Delphi XE2 - some informations

by Radek Červinka 10. September 2011 21:25

Some informations about Delphi XE2.

Delphi XE2 brings 64bit compilation. Switch of platform is simple done in Project Manager.

Project Manager

IDE of Delphi XE2 is still 32bit and this means, that you can compile 64bit Delphi app in 32bit Windows, but for running you need 64bit. But you can debug this app remotely for 64bit PC, because every 64bit debugging (including local debugging) is done as "remote" (when debug local 64bit process, there is 64bit helper process and IDE communicate with this).

BTW: this means that every design package must be 32bit (including 64bit components) - because of 32bit IDE.


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Delphi news

FireMonkey introduction

by Radek Červinka 10. September 2011 00:38

FireMonkey is a new multi-platform Delphi component library from Delphi XE2. It's VCL alternative. VCL will be still improved and maintained in future, but is fixed to Windows only. FireMonkey exists for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS, Linux and Android will be added in future (with other mobile platforms).

Unlike CLX (QT based), is FireMonkey created in Object Pascal (based on KSDEV) and use GPU hardware - on Windows Direct2D or GDI+, on MAC OpenGL (for Linux maybe too), for iOS OpenGL_ES (for Android in future probably too).

All is "CustomDraw" and Windows management operations (or mouse and so on) are handled with Platform instance and passed to OS. So about 90% of source code is OS independed.


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