by Radek Červinka 3. April 2011 00:04

Unicode is today standard. Before unicode many programmers needs transform from one codepage to another codepage (sometimes in unicode too).

Very good tool was synapse (there is synacode unit). But in Delphi 2010 (finally) there is native transcoding support in RTL (and I can say good implemented). More...

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Some tips for Delphi debugger - part 2

by Radek Červinka 29. January 2011 00:28

In last part of debugger's tips I showed some nice Delphi debugger tricks, so let's continue.More...

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OOP file access in Delphi 2010

by Radek Červinka 20. January 2011 21:59

Starting with Delphi 2010 there are some new classes for file access .

In unit IOUtils there are this classes (in fact this is extended records and not classes - Delphi from about version 2006 allow methods on records):

  • TDirectory
  • TPath
  • TFile

This object model is similar to .NET.More...

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