FastMM4 and detection of memory corruption

by Radek Červinka 15. February 2011 22:17

FastMM can be used for detect of memory corruption. As first step please enable FullDebugMode in fastmm .inc file (there is line for this). More...

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Export to XLS without Excel from Delphi

by Radek Červinka 14. February 2011 21:42

Usually for export to XLS is used Excel through automation, but I'm looking for an alternative solution without Excel (CSV is not good alternative and primary target is OpenOffice). And I finally found both commercial and OSS solutions. More...

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Remote debugging in Delphi

by Radek Červinka 1. February 2011 23:24

Sometimes is good to debug directly on the client computer, because the development computer does not have the problem. Of course, in such cases is not appropriate (and often not even possible) to install Delphi on the client computer and for this cases Delphi offer the possibility of remote debugging. How to do?More...

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